St. Elizabeth Parish Center
207 East Walnut, Robinson

Everyone welcome!

Child Care will be provided.

**Please check latest Bulletin for the most current information or call the Parish Center
for more details.
Like a shepherd he feeds his flock;in his arms he gathers the lambs,Carrying them in his
bosom,leading the ewes with care"  Isaiah 40:11

Isn’t it great to know that as moms, we can trust that God will lead us at a pace that we can
manage with   His help, and that He will carry us when needed and look out for us and for
our children as He leads?  Regardless of our other roles in life, being a mom is  our one
indispensable role.  No one else can mother your children like you do!

All mothers, or those women who wish to be mothers, are invited to attend a special
program designed around the idea of moms reaching out to other moms in a number of
different ways.  As moms dealing with many of the same joys, challenges, and frustrations
of parenting, we will come together to exchange ideas, strategies, and give encouragement
to one another.  More experienced mothers can offer a hand of help   and hope as we give
courage and competence to one another.  This Biblically based parenting program covers a
variety of topics in hopes of helping us grow not only as parents, but spiritually,
intellectually, and in our roles as women as well.  Our first study, titled    “Mom to Mom:
Heart Talk”, contains 12 sessions designed to help in our parenting skills, give us hope in
the powerful God who gave us these children, and provide heart-to-heart encouragement
from one mom to another. Each session consists of a video lesson, discussion questions,
and a reflection sheet.  You may visit to find out more information
about this program.

Our group will meet on Friday mornings from 9:00am-10:30am in the St. Elizabeth Parish
Hall.  Our first meeting will take place on September 23rd.  We are very lucky to have two
volunteers who will be providing childcare for the moms participating in this program!  
Anyone else who would like to volunteer to be a childcare worker is welcome and would
be appreciated.  We hope you can join us for “Heart Talk” and find out what really