5th Grade Class
Teachers: Lori Davis & Katrena Burton
Summary of Classroom Teachings for 2018 - 2019 School Year:
9/26/18:   Open class with Apostle's Creed.  Review Packet - 10 Commandments, Parts of the Mass, Liturgical Year,
and Sacraments.  (If it works out, we may replace the last three reviews with the Father Mike Schmitz YouTube video
"Motivation to go to Mass.")  Read Chapter 4 about Angels.  Workbook pages 15 and 17.  (Depending on time, each
child should, ideally, look up all scripture passages on pg. 17.  If not enough time, divide scriptures up.) Go over
answers to workbook pages and send pages home.  Close with Books of the Bible song and Hail Holy Queen prayer.

10/3/18:  Chapters 5 & 6  Adam & Eve - Open:  Apostles' Creed  Review Packet:  10 Commandments, & Look at
Order of the Mass pages (From Give Us This Day) with Review cards, Liturgical Year Presentation:  Ask each student
to share with the class about the Saint movie they chose last week (1minute or less.)  Hand out Colorful Paper &
Markers.  Read Genesis Chap 2 & 3 from Bibles.  Read pg. 31-32 of Bible Basics for Catholics to direct drawing of
Eden & Adam & Eve.  Use pg. 35-36 in Bible Basics for discussion of the last part of Genesis Chapter 3.  Review Key
terms: Original Sin, Soul, Grace, Free Will.  Practice Books of the Bible Song.  Close:  Hail, Holy Queen

10/10/18:  Open:  Apostles' Creed.  Watch Brother Francis Rosary video (30 minutes).  Discuss Battle of Lepanto, &
Marian Apparitions to St. Dominic, at Fatima, and Pontmain, France.  Encourage the children to pray on their own, or
with their families.  They can start small - a decade each night - or schedule a weekly Rosary night, like Friday or
Saturday.  Remind them they can offer this up for someone or something.  Close with Hail Holy Queen.

10/17/18:  Open with Apostles Creed, and Review Packet.  Work on Rosary Holders.  Begin Chapter 7.  Close with
Books of the Bible song & Hail Holy Queen