Major Church Councils

Unbroken Line of Popes

The Twelve Apostles

15 Marks of the Church

In this letter by the early Church Father St. Ignatius the Catholic Church is mentioned by Name

The Didache: one of the earliest writings of the Catholic Church

In this letter to the Roman Emperor, Saint Justin Martyr describes the practices of the Church.

The Canon of the Bible:  Excerpts from The Councils of Carthage & Rome

How old is your church?
The Last Supper:  By Leonardo DaVinci
The Catholic Church has a very rich and fascinating history.  Unfortunately many Catholics and
Non-Catholics are unaware of this history.  Many non-catholics have been taught many incorrect
"historical facts" about the Catholic Church, all of which can be proven false.  Many
non-catholics have converted to the Catholic Church once they had become aware of the real
historical truths found in it's history.  The
Catholic Church is the only Church that can
historically prove that it contains the fullness of faith which was handed down by Jesus Christ
through the Apostles themselves.  One of the most well known converts (from the Anglican
Church) was
Cardinal Henry John Newman who once stated "To become deep in history is to
cease to be Protestant
."  As Catholics we should be very proud of our history and we should
always try to respectfully correct any misconceptions that people have about our beloved Church.